The "Crappie Fishing Secret Weapon" will swarm fish to you sport and DOUBLE your catches!
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The Secret Of Finding Crappie Fishing Hot Spots

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Hi Fisherman,

8 days ago you signed up to get my crappie fishing information, and that's why you are getting this "How To Find A Crappie Hot Spot" issue.

In the last email, I talked about first part of the special report I sent you which goes over nature's food chain, and the secret most fishermen don't understand about "why" some fishing spots have swarms of minnows, crappie, and other fish - and why most spots don't...


Now, I want to go over the 2nd half of the special report which tells you exactly how to find these amazing crappie fishing spots.

If you never got the crappie fishing special report, or can't find it - go ahead and grab it here:

You know, a few years ago I was out fishing with my dad - and I realized that we are both very impatient guys. (Like father like son, huh?)

Anyway, we weren't getting bit - not even a nibble - and we switched from spot to spot (sometimes only giving a spot 7 or 8 minutes before moving on). Good thing we love telling jokes, or it would have gotten real boring, real fast. Well, I never have to worry about getting "skunked" anymore, and you won't either...

Go to page 3 of the special report with the heading, "Ok, This Is All Great, But How The Heck Do I Find These Zooplankton Rich Fishing Hot Spots?".

Here's what you'll be looking for: stained water. You see, when you find a "phytoplankton bloom" the water will look very dark green or even black. You want to skim the surface of the water and find the "stains"... when you find one (and depending on the body of water you are on, they will either be somewhat common, or hard to find) - bait up and drop your line in right away... because there are swarms of fish down there (usually about 5 - 8 feet down, and the crappie will either be on the edges of the stain, or right under the minnows (about 10 feet down).

Look for the stains in areas along the shore where there is lush vegitation, and even maybe some water run off into your lake or pond. Organisms on the vegitation create these large plankton blooms when they are pulled into the water by runoff, and it is common to find some of the biggest swarms of fish right under these areas.

The second thing you are going to look for are the "dancing snowflakes"... these are large drifts of the "animal plankton" called "zooplankton" - and they look like millions of snowflakes drifing in the water. These massive swarms of zooplankton indicate a much larger feeding frenzy of minnows, shad, crappie, and whatever else is in your waters.

In fact, the fishing is so damn good in these locations (if you are lucky enough to find them), that I know many fishermen using underwater video cameras to help locate these amazing zooplankton patches.

Now, at the end of the special report, you find out about a device that can actually create enormous plankton blooms that are at least 10 times the size of the natural "stained water" plankton blooms you will find naturally.

Here are just 2 of the dozens of benefits this amazing crappie fishing device will do for you:

* The "Crappie Fishing Secret Weapon" will double your catches of crappie and other game fish because of the "environment" it creates in any fishing spot you drop it down into. Almost immediately millions of clusters of plankton will form in a big ball all throughout your spot - like a chain reaction. Hundreds of minnows (and other bait), and hundreds of crappie flood your spot in a feeding frenzy.

* Not only will you at least double your catches of crappie, but you'll never have to buy live bait again. The device actually creates a ball of bait 15-20 feet in diameter and the surface water will be thick with feeding bait fish. You'll be able to catch as much bait as you want with only a small hand net. You can save hundreds of dollars using this technique, just by never having to buy live bait again.

Take a few minutes to read this article on the details of this shockingly powerful secret weapon for catching crappie...

As always, here is another story I received about a crappie fishermen who is using this secret weapon:



I have night fished just three times. The first two were before I owned the Crappie Fishing Secret Weapon. I caught a few fish, but nothing to brag about.

So I take off to go fishing with my new secret weapon. Of course, I made several screw ups. Didn't buy bait before the stores closed, didn't have a throw or dip net to catch my own, lost the clip for the kill switch on the boat controls...

So, no live bait, I was forced to jig.

In seconds after turning the Crappie Fishing Secret on, the minnows came out like crazy. I have never seen anything like it. I had a school of minnows circling the boat all night. There were so many it was giving me vertigo because it seemed the boat was spinning in the water, but it was just the constant flow of fish swimming around the boat. There is no doubt in my mind that this secret weapon for fishing works better than anything I have ever tried.

Well, I managed to catch a good mess of fish, white bass, crappies, and catfish.
Threw back a couple largemouth and a few dozen smaller crappie.

If I had brought along live bait or at least a net to catch my own, there is no doubt in my mind that I could have just wiped them out!

You couldn't buy this thing back from me!

Can't wait until I can get out there again! I'll keep you posted."

Joe Tousignant,
Jackson, Missouri


To see it for yourself, check it out here:

In just 4 more days I'll be sharing part of an interview I did with a guy who's been crappie fishing for 64 years. You'll actually be able to hear what he says about an amazing technique he uses that is responsible for 80% of his crappie catches - over his entire life.

...and you'll find out exactly what it is.

Until then...

Gone Fishin',

Dan Eggertsen

President and Founder, Crappie Fishing Secret

P.S. Remember to at least go through the special crappie report I gave you. If you don't have it yet, get it here...

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