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I'm Just A Little Confused


Hi Dan,

About 16 days ago you filled out a form to have me set your Crappie Fishing Secret Weapon package aside for you with your name on it. (along with the limited edition "Old School Crappie Fishing" interview). By signing up to the form, you not only made sure you'd get one before the deal is over, but you also "locked in" the lowest price (before it goes up).

But you still haven't signed up to have everything delivered to you yet, and frankly, I'm just a little confused.

You see, I can only hold it to you for 8 more days because there are fishermen that are behind you "in line" to get the Crappie Fishing Secret Weapon.


If you haven't filled out your order here:

In the next 8 days, I'm going to have to send your package to one of the other fishermen waiting patiently. But I really don't want you to miss out on the swarms of minnows, crappie, and other fish just waiting to take your bait or lures... your buddies may laugh at first, but when they see it for the first time they'll have a hard time picking their jaws up off the deck.

Sign up today, before you put it out of your mind...

Gone Fishin',

Dan Eggertsen
President and Founder, Crappie Fishing Secret

P.S. Check out these "case studies" about fishermen who are using the Crappie Fishing Secret Weapon with amazing results:

And here is a guy that used it to break his personal record for a Striped Bass!

"Hi Dan, I was out fishing around 7pm, I had just dropped the Crappie Fishing Secret Weapon in the water and within an hour there were bunker swarming around the boat. I was able to scoop up a couple with my bait net. I baited up with one and dropped it to the bottom. It sat for a couple of minutes with the bail open, all quiet. Then I closed the bail and slowly lifted the pole to see if I could feel any hits. Instantly I felt that striper whack that bunker. Seemingly as soon as I slowly moved that bait, he hit it, and hit it hard! I told my friend this is a striper, I could tell the way he would run. He put up a good fight for 15min or so before we got a look at that big head when he came up. We both almost crapped our pants with excitement as my buddie scrambled for the net in the dark. But as you can see, We got him! What a nite!

Dan, I almost forgot the important stuff. The striper was 37inches long, 20lbs. and presently is the biggest striper I've ever caught. I'm working on beating that now.

Your fishin buddy,

Dave Cochran"

Go here to see a picture of the monster...

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