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Why Crappie Go Crazy Only In Certain Fishing Spots

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Hi Fisherman,

4 days ago you signed up to find out about the Crappie fishing secret, and get even more "old school" crappie tips from me - including a few audio interviews from some guys that have been catching crappie for over 50 years...

You've had a few days now to go over the special report I gave you on mother nature's crappie fishing secret - and I hope you had a chance to read through it. If you use the secret I talk about in that special report, you will be shocked by how many more crappie you'll catch (and how easy it will be).


If you didn't get it, you can grab it now by going here:

First, I want to apologize that there are some boring "scientifc names" in the special report, but I though it would be important for you to know why this secret is so powerful for catching crappie. It is so important, I want to go over some key things...

If you read the first part of the special report, you'll discover that the lowest thing on the foodchain are not minnows and other bait fish. There are 2 little tiny "critters" that are much more important for catching crappie.

They are called "Phytoplankton" and "Zooplankton", and if you want all the details on them (which you don't really need to know), just check out page 2 of the special report where I tell you everything you'd want to know about these "crappie magnets".

The most important thing you need to know is that Crappie eat minnow and other bait fish, and the bait fish eat the Zooplankton, and the Zooplankton eats the Phytoplankton.

So if there are no bait fish, there will be no crappie. And if there are no Zooplankton, there will be no bait fish... and, well you guessed it... if there is no Phytoplankton, there will be NOTHING to catch.

My grandpa was a respected crappie fishermen, but there is one thing he said I don't agree with. He said that fishing is mostly luck - being at the right place at the right time. I'll never trade the memories I had fishing as a kid with him - but I have found out that "luck" has nothing to do with it... especially when you "know"
where to find millions of clusters of Phytoplankton. These "rare" spots will be seething, swarming, crappie fishing hot beds boasting hundreds of minnows, and dozens (sometimes hundreds of crappie).

Now you know that if you want to find these crappie fishing hot spots, you simply MUST find the Phytoplankton... and it's easy when you know how.

4 days from now, I'll expand on the second half of the special report I gave you - and we'll walk through even more ways to locate the shifty clusters of Phytoplankton that turn "ordinary" crappie fishermen into guys that consistantly catch a ton more than any of the other local fishermen.

For now, make sure to at least go through the first 3 pages of the special report so you have all of the "background" you need before we talk about "how to find the Plankton"...

Gone Fishin',

Dan Eggertsen

President and Founder, Crappie Fishing Secret

P.S. Remember to at least go through the first 3 pages of the special crappie report I gave you. If you don't have it yet, get it here...

P.P.S. If you've already read the whole thing, you know that there is a shocking "scientific method" of creating millions of clusters of "Phytoplankton", "Zooplankton", Minnow, and Crappie anytime you want to... without having to look for it... it will bring the swarms of fish to you!

I just want to share an email I got from a crappie fishermen who is using this amazing technique now:



Your crappie fishing secret weapon is amazing. I always fish at night using it to get minnows.

During a period of 25 days of fishing I have caught a total of 396 crappie, 65 yellow bass, and 23 catfish. During a period of five months (April thru August) while fishing on Toledo Bend Lake I caught a total of 998 keeper crappie (minimum length on Toledo Bend is 10 inches). I have caught a lot of 15 inch and 16 inch crappie and I give all of the credit to your Crappie Fishing Secret Weapon.

Please find enclosed some pictures of the crappie that I have caught while using the Evening Secret. Also enclosed is a picture of the 2lb. 19 inch crappie that I caught while fishing on Toledo Bend while using it.

Gene Cooper
Hemphill, Texas"


To see his pictures, and the stories of other fishermen using this powerful crappie fishing weapon, go here:

Crappie Fishing Secret
P.O. Box 3794
Ventura, CA 93006

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