The "Crappie Fishing Secret Weapon" will swarm fish to you sport and DOUBLE your catches!
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How To Catch The Swarms Of Minnows And Live Bait

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Hi Fisherman,

Today you are going to find the best way to bring up hundreds of baitfish just a few minutes after the Crappie Fishing Secret Weapon goes into the water. I'll also show you the "unbeatable" techniques of using it to bring up as many crappie as you want... and it's all because you signed up for my crappie fishing information 40 days ago!

So last time (about a week ago) I talked about where (and how) to lower your Crappie Fishing Secret Weapon into the water, at what depth, and what to expect in the 30 minutes after you drop it in...


Now what?

Well this is where the fun really starts! First, let's talk about scooping up some of the natural live bait like minnows, shad, shiners and other stuff that's now feeding on all of the zooplankton. There will be so much bait, it's almost impossible not to catch as much as you want, but there are 2 techniques (and a special equipment recommendation) that seem to work the best.

First technique is to use a hand net... but not just any hand net. You see, most nets have metal in them (the rim) and this sends out a small "charge" into the water, which scares the fish. Not only that, but they can see the net - and they scurry away...

...YES, you can use ANY net to scoop up bait - because the water will be thick with it. But the best net to use is a "clear catch bait net". It's invisible in the water - and has no metal in it that sends out a charge through the water.

The bait fish won't even know it's there - and before the minnows and other stuff knows what hit them - they'll be inside your bait container! You can get one here:

The second (and better) technique is to use a cast, or throw net. Imagine throwing a
6 foot net over the feeding frenzy of bait fish... letting it sink a little, and then bringing it up with nearly 100 bait fish? You save time and expense when catching your own natural live bait. This is powerful stuff.

Next week, we'll go over exactly what you'll do to maximize your catches of the crappie that move in on the swarms of bait... there is something specific you'll want to do in terms of the location of your line - I'll tell you all about it next week. Or...

You can start using it for yourself here (and you'll also receive every single technique for catching crappie that has ever been attempted with success while using

...and remember, it works for more than just crappie - it works on any game fish that is looking to feed on bait fish. Plus, you can use it from the boat, or the shore - and you'll get results in ponds, lakes, and rivers too (and even in the ocean if you hit salt water once in awhile).

The deadline for getting one of the remaining 200 packages is rapidly approaching.
This is the lowest deal ever, and when the 200 is gone - you'll have to pay more.
If you want one of these amazing secret weapons - now is the best time.

Here's another crappie fishing "case study" submitted by Paul in Texas. Here's his result when using the Crappie Fishing Secret Weapon...


"Hi Dan!

I used your Crappie Fishing Secret Weapon for the first time on a night fishing trip for Crappie at Lake Georgetown just West of Georgetown, Texas.

We had been fishing this lake off and on for a couple of years with very little success, but your Crappie Secret made all the difference in the world. After an hour in the water, there were literally thousands of tiny bait fish and minnows swimming around the secret from top to bottom. It looked like a "primordial soup". I have never seen anything like it in all my fishing experience. Then large fish began to show up in the shadows just deep enough to see their size.

We caught 2 medium size Bass and 10 Crappie in about 2 hours in a spot where we had never caught fish before. Can't wait till our next trip to see what kind of results we have.

Thanks for a great fishing aid!

Paul Stephens,
Round Rock, Texas"


Now, in 4 days I'll be sending you Day #4 of the Crappie Fishing Mini Course where I'll tell you about 2 "little known" baits (well, one is actually a lure)... and contrary to popular thinking, the actually work GREAT. (maybe that's why they work... nobody uses them... so keep it hush-hush)

I'll see you then...

Gone Fishin'

Dan Eggertsen

President and Founder, Crappie Fishing Secret

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