The "Crappie Fishing Secret Weapon" will swarm fish to you sport and DOUBLE your catches!
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The "Best" Complaint I Ever Got About Crappie Fishing...

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Hi Fisherman,

Before I tell you about this crazy guy, I just want to make sure you uunderstand that I set a Crappie Fishing Secret Weapon aside for you with your name on it - and there are 12 days left before it will go to the next person down the line...

Anyway, can you believe I actually got a call from a guy the other day wanting to send his Crappie Fishing Secret Weapon back for a refund? Everybody get's the 90 day trial period, and anybody can send it back within that time for ANY REASON. (in fact, they don't have to even tell me why) You'll never guess why this guy was actually upset!


He said it was too easy. He said he caught too many crappie, and fishing just isn't fun anymore.

Look, anybody can go out into the water and drop dynamite at the bottom and "catch"
every damn fish in the lake. Would that be moral? Hell no. Would it be fun?
Absolutely not, there is no sport it in - mindless killing is one of the worst things a man can do - especially when it comes to the "reason" why we fish... to catch them fairly, and in a sporting manner... (by the way, I urge everyone to throw back the big ones... most of the time)

I'll admit, using the Crappie Fishing Secret Weapon does make catching crappie very easy... and it makes breaking your record for number of catches in an evening easy...
but you know what else? It makes it even more fun.

And if you think it's "too easy", then don't catch crappie with it. Use it instead to save a bunch of money on buying live bait! You'll catch as much as you need, without paying a cent, just as quick as can be.

My final point is... almost every fisherman has an off day... and when you haven't gotten a bite in hours, would you rather sit there, frustrated - just wishing you had one bite? Or would you like to create a situation of teaming swarms of minnows, shad, bluegill, crappie... etc, just WAITING to bite?

The Crappie Fishing Secret Weapon can turn an "I just can't catch a damn thing"
situation to one where your pole is doing the "crappie bend" just as quick as you bait up and drop the line in.

You've got 12 days left to decide, but why not just do it now before you forget all about it. You never may get another chance to see the quick and amazing way the device creates mother natures food chain on a grand scale - right in front of your eyes!

Pick up your package here:


Dan Eggertsen
President and Founder, Crappie Fishing Secret

P.S. Did you know that the main reason fishermen buy it is to use it to catch more game fish? It isn't until after they've been using it awhile that they see another big benefit - fr*e live bait!


The attached pictures show a little bit of my success using the "Crappie Fishing Secret Weapon" the first time. The attached pictures are of a Striped Bass I caught the first evening. I was fishing at 1 am near the mouth of the Merrimac river, in Massachusetts, from a boat while we were anchored with the Crappie Fishing Secret Weapon rigged in the bow of the boat. I had already caught four fish 18-20 pounds (which makes this the most successfull trip I have ever had at this time of the year) when something hit my port side line. I had a light to medium action 7' spinning outfit with 25 pound test line. This fish just took off and started peeling line off. When I picked the rod up it was bent almost double (glad it was a ugly stick or it might have broken). At first I thought it was a shark because it made no hint of stopping. I tightened the drag on three separate occasions because it looked like it would "spool me" anyway. Finally it stopped peeling line and just stopped. For at least a minute I could not move it. I thought the fish had snagged something on the bottom. When my wife shined a flashlight on my reel I saw I had about 50 yards of line left on the spool (I could see the bottom of the spool in a few places. This means the fish had 200 yards of line out. Finally by keeping the rod bent in a large U I was able to begin reeling line in. Three more times after that this fish got a "second wind" and started peeling 10-20 yards off the line at the newer, much, higher drag setting. It took me almost 40 minutes to get the fish to the boat. This fish was 43 inches long and weighed 35 pounds. To put the fish into perspecitve I am 260 pounds and 6'6" tall. You can see it had not been feeding much yet (it is an arriving spring run fish) but it was very healthy and strong. It would probably weigh 6-8 pounds more in a few weeks after feeding heavily on herring and other bait fish. Later in the evening I caught 3 more fish of equal size which I wanted to release so I was not able to weigh and photograph them. Also I had one additional fish on that I could not turn, peeled most of my line off and eventually lost (the monster that got away!). Needless to say this was one of the best nights I have had in 49 years of fishing!!

Thank you,

Jim McCarthy"

West Newbury, MA

See his picture here:

Crappie Fishing Secret
P.O. Box 3794
Ventura, CA 93006

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