The "Crappie Fishing Secret Weapon" will swarm fish to you sport and DOUBLE your catches!
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"Old School" Crappie Fisherman Reveals Two Quick 'N Dirty Secrets For Getting The Big Ones To Bite Almost Instantly!


To listen to an interview clip I did with Carlton, where he talks about how you can use these two quick 'n drity tactics, just click on the green play button below...

Interview Clip #1: A "special" jig 1 inch above the water?

Click the green play button above to listen to interview clip 1

Interview Clip #2: What does an achor have to do with catching crappie?

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(Click here to download the special summary of the Carlton Interview Clips)


Crappie Fishing Secret Weapon Case Study: George Dowling

"I kept catching fish as fast as I could get a minnow on my hook."


I tried the Crappie Secret this weekend for the first time on Pymatuning Lake which is located in Northwestern Pennsylvania. Everything went exactly as your articles said it would. I started fishing around 11:00 P.M. and put it in the water. Within 5 minutes, small shad showed up and congregated around.

Within an hour, there were hundreds of mixed size shad making counterclockwise rotations around the spot. The schooling shad kept getting thicker and thicker. I started fishing immediately after I turned it on and fishing was slow for the first ten minutes but as the shad schools kept getting thicker, the crappie moved in and I kept catching fish as fast as I could get a minnow on my hook.

I was using a crappie rig with two hooks and I caught quite a few "double headers". My fishing trip lasted for about three hours and I caught the biggest stringer of crappie that I ever caught. I can't wait until my next outing!"

George Dowling.
Gibsonia, PA

Crappie fishermen also love using The Secret
to bring in loads of ravenous crappie - FAST!

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