The "Evening Secret" will swarm fish to you sport and DOUBLE your catches!


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Crappie Fishing Secret Weapon "Gold" 90-Day
Money Back Guarantee

Please PRINT, FILL OUT and MAIL-IN The 90-Day Trial Offer Form

Yes, I want to take advantage of the "Crappie Fishing Secret Weapon" 90-Day Money Back Guarantee (Gold Package)!

I understand that if my envelope is post-marked by (or on) Sunday, , I will get the special price of only $283!

I also understand that if I am not satisfied for
(or no reason), I can put my Crappie Fishing Secret Weapon back in the box and send it back for a full 100% refund of every penny I paid. (within 90 days)

Crappie Fishing Secret
217 S. Main St.
Shelbyville, TN 37160

You will receive the following:

The "Crappie Fishing Secret Weapon" (30% OFF $277 for a price of $195!
12-Volt Crappie Fishing Secret Battery ($65 $59!)
Charger For The Battery ( $39 $29!)
"Crappie Fishing Secret" Carrying Case ($29.95 Value, FREE GIFT!)
"Top 10 Evening Fishing Discoveries" ($9.95 Value, FREE GIFT!)
FREE Shipping!


PLEASE NOTE: We will ship your "Crappie Fishing Secret" package the same day we receive your mail order.

Name: _____________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________

City: _____________________________________________

State: _____________________________________________

Country: _____________________________________________

Email: _____________________________________________


Print clearly and ensure you include any necessary unit/apartment numbers!

You will recieve an order confirmation to your email address!

PAYMENT: Make out your Check, Cashiers Check, or Money Order in the amount of $283 payable to : E&E Marketing, LLC. my parent company.

Mail Payment to:
Crappie Fishing Secret
P.O. Box 3794
Ventura, CA 93006

Thank You For Signing Up For The Crappie Fishing Secret Package Today!

Crappie Fishing Secret
P.O. Box 3794
Ventura, CA 93006

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