New crappie fishing article details the "scientific secret" a small group of old crappie fishermen have been using since 1947...

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Dear Crappie Fisherman,

It's shocking how these "old school" fishermen have managed to keep this Crappie catching secret for so long.

You know the guys I'm talking about, there is a few in every town. Guys that absolutely murder the crappie... and they have done it every single time for decades. They never come home without their limit.

Guys like me and you just can't understand how they do it. Most of us have even asked them, and they usually give us some good tips that help a little...

But they will never tell you the "big" secret. And who can blame them? It makes them the envy of every other fisherman in their town, and they catch Crappie at will. Why not bask in the glory, and keep it to themselves?

But I knew they were holding back something, so I spied on some of these guys... and I found out exactly what they are doing! But that wasn't enough... I wanted to know the "science" behind the secret.

That's when I began talking to biologists who were studying this same amazing scientific principle. They explained everything. It's all so simple - and shockingly effective for hauling in more crappie (consistantly) than you ever imagined, gaining maximum respect from local fishermen in your area.

But unlike the guys trying to keep it a secret, I'm going to give it to you for free, right now.

Why am I doing this? Because I know what it's like being "in the dark", feeling like a beginner next to these "old schoolers". After awhile, it's no fun being an outsider. So I decided to let a few guys in on it too - you will be blown away by the amount of Crappie you will catch...

I'll send you my special Crappie Fishing Secret Article instantly to your email address (it "spills the beans" in a very simple way, so you can start using the secret the next time you go fishing).

You better hurry though, I'm not going to give this to everyone - just a few guys. First come, first served. If you don't fill in your name and email now, you'll miss out.

And don't worry about me sending you SPAM email - I'd never do that. I can't stand SPAM and hope the guys sending that garbage get locked up for good...

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Dan, I tried your tactics last night at the mohawk river using a Rrainbow Rapala and within the first hour I caught 15 Crappie and 2 Walleye. Then I tried what I normally do and didn't land a single fish.

This secret is amazing! Thank you for your advice...

Nick Hill

In the free article (that could put you on the level with the best crappie fishermen) you'll find out about:

The 2 "life forms" responsible for making the Crappie fishing secret so amazingly potent for creating swarms of hungry Crappie (even the "old school" fishermen don't know about these)
How to find Crappie fishing "super spots" (and how to know exactly where these super spots move)
An animal that is a Crappie fishermans "best friend" (and why finding these little guys guarantees you'll catch more Crappie in the next 10 minutes than ever)
The "chain of feeding" that causes Crappie to go for blood and strike your bait or lures instantly (you'll discover how to work with mother nature to make it happen in just a few minutes)
A secret weapon you can use to multiply the effectiveness of the secret by over 10 times!

I'm not going to give this article away to everyone, just a few lucky guys - and you are one of them. Just fill out your name and email, and I'll send it to your email right away - but do it now...

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See you in a few minutes when I "spill the beans"!

Gone Fishin',

Dan Eggertsen

Biology Enthusiast and Avid Fisherman

P.S. You know the "old school" Crappie fishermen have been holding out on you... and I am going to explain what they've been hiding. Just fill out the simple form so I can send the article to your email address.

P.P.S. I only plan on letting a few guys in on it - and you got lucky to find this page now. Don't miss out on this, sign up to get the article for FREE right away.

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Hi Dan,

Great advice! I loved the article, who would have thought it could be so easy? When I tried it, I couldn't believe it... it worked exactly how you said it would!

Regards and Thanks,

Adrian Knox

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